Sunday, April 09, 2006

Israel pics day 1 Tuesday

Davening @Zurich airport

I can't remember this guy's name but he was an ochin klasns dude. He was a karkafta and he was very excited 'bout it, and because I was as well- and perhaps also because I hadn't slept in two nights- I made him scream "karkafta!" out loud so that all the wonderful people in the airport in that Jew-loving country should hear!
On Friday night I met him again @the kosel w/his whole group. He asked me what karkafta meant, so I told them that basically it means I saved his rear-end! well they thought it was pretty funny but then one guy says "hey I never put on either!" so the shliach that was with the group told him that he'd better put it on with him after shabbos!
As one very smart Rabbi said, one mitzva leads to another!

The Alps (as in Alvi)
Our plane from Zurich to Israel

We stopped at Keisaria to watch the sunset and Mincha

There are alot more that I wanted to post, but Mr. blogger decided not to let me post pictures tonight, so I'll ad them later.