Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Torah teaches us that reality is not always as it appears...

Well thank Hashem for that!

Today on my to-do list some of the listed were:

-finish cards for brat kids

-call taliban asap

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


He starts off sounding a bit like tish'a b'av... but by the time he gets to shhechiyuni he's doin the simchas torah thing..


i like the amen though!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Chag Sameach!

wishing y'all a most de'light'ful Chanuka

Three captives, Three candles

Video: Lighting at the Kosel

To light a candle for the captives click here

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ottawa replugged - "life after chavez"

Note to readers: aside from trying to entertain you, a blog is also used as a diary. meaning 'though you may not find these pictures very important at this time, but in a a year or two or three from now when I'll be able to look back and remember the my spontaneous crashing at "Canada's only vocational Yeshiva"(wow!), so.... you get the point.

visiting the dorm right before shacharis, I was happy to see how Ari and his Metro are still living up to the ottawa derech that "No davening is complete without the proper hachono"!
Kooch is still doing his time... and with a smile!
(well.... sometimes..)

Waking somebody up by taking his picture will always have an interesting result (especially the morn after a farbrengen!).
If you're curious as to what the first words to escape Simcha's lips were... well I could tell you that it wasn't "Get the fudge Ice cream out of my face 'cause I don't want any thank you!"
('twas more like some other word -for the life of mine i can't remember it but- you hear it in every other sentence in the dorm this year.)

As far as "how's ottawa this year" it's pretty much the same... except that it's very different this year.. (sorry i'm in that kinda mood) the guys are much calmer (including the shluchim(!)) and the yeshiva as a whole became mad chassidish this year! If that shocks you, you can imagine how shocked I was hearing nichoiach being blasted over the stereos 24 hours a day and JEM videos being passed around the dorm like anything!
The only thing I couldn't understand was why in the world would hanholoh make such a stupid rule like "No dvd players", when all the bochrim wanto watch is farbrengens of the Rebbe! (ok, maybe even Agent Emes once in a while...)
In Avremy Goldfine's words: "They don't let us do anything this year!!!"

so long ottawa... I shall never forget you... (or at least my shrink won't!!)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Just a thought

Recently people have been raving about somebody's scientific discovery about how speech can affect physical objects, but have you ever heard about how machshova can have an affect physically?

Obviously there's the example of a lie detector, but that is only on the inside, and we know that thoughts have plenty affect on our body's functioning.

In this guy's video you can see the affect that it has on the "outside world" meaning outside your own body-world.

Inelegance agencies and even regular schmoes already know that we detect a persons thoughts based on what we can see, for example what expression in his eyes. but this guy demonstrates how the 'vibes' or whatever you call it how reach far beyond your eyelids -far beyond our bodyparts which are "windows to the soul".

Here is the video

(apikores' corner: perhaps this is the meaning of ruach hakoidesh? -being able to pick up the sigle from wherever in the world it may be...)

What other examples can you think of that demonstrate "thought provoking" effects?

I also found it interesting how he distinguishes between reading one's "mind" and one's "thought". similar to what Chassidus says is the difference between having 'passive' thoughts and 'active' ones.
A very clear comparison I think.

thanx again to Dovid for the link

Where in world did this pop up from?

Dosen't the Rebbe deserve some privacy as well?

Yes he does.

Don't you believe that nothings changed?

Yes I do. I mean i don't I mean you know what I mean...
well i sorta believe...

Where do you get the audacity to post this?!

Good question.

Actually I got it from Gonzo's blog.

L-rd please reach down and smite me for being such a shmuck..


Thanx! at least now i know I wasn't supposed to do it!

Streight up DoG!

Jew Da has made Aliyah!
(JDM style of course!)

dasssol aight!

Only in America of-da-week

America is simply the greatest country in the world, right? I mean that's what everyone says! (as long as you're asking Americans that is...) That means we are better, smarter, more caring etc. then anyone else, right?
In this weekly thingy, we will try to explore what is about us that is so special...


Shbbos L'mehadrin

Since last weeks picture was met with fierce opposition from our rabbinical board, I hereby present you with one that has my hechsher one it. Meaning I took it myself.

Now what? I'm not feeding the ducks!


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ain't she a beauty?

This is my baby. My very first electric. I bought it yesterday @ Atlantic mall.
I ended up spending a little more then I intended, but I guess that's the price you pay for love...
basic-a-ly I got it 'cause 'twas way way above any other guitar in the store for that price.

if I'm starting to sound like some insane musician... I guess I'm becoming one.... (!!!)