Wednesday, November 19, 2008

G-DCAST: Parshat Chayei Sarah

G-DCAST: Parshat Chayei Sarah

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Daniel Zamir has a new Album out this year

With music it's usually the novelty that impresses you the most. There are lots of albums that will come out and you'll be impressed when you hear it the first time, or even LOVE it. Yet, the second time around you'll be like ok this guy is decent, but not as good as i thought he was. By the third time you're asking yourself why did i buy this in the first place? To me, this is what is so special about Daniel's work; it's the opposite. Even after you've heard and loved his music before, when listening to his latest album, you can still find yourself asking "what does this guy think he's doing? Why can't he just play something 'normal'??" Then the second time you listen to it, it's like, ok maybe i'm starting to get the idea... The third time around? The third time around, you're speechless.

Many great lessons and analogies can be drawn from this thought.

Another wonderful thing about it is that for the first time in my short life of following musicians, I'm hearing a musician who's work has actually become more spiritual and less self serving with time. As apposed to the other way around.

Metropolitan Diary; Lost by Translation

A few years ago my husband was waiting at the West Fourth Street station for a Queens-bound E train. The E and C trains both stop on the same track.

The C train pulled in and, at the last minute, a man ran up to my husband and asked if this was the E train. My husband quickly replied, “C.”

The man then said, “Gracias!” and ran onto the train. The doors closed and the train left the station.

-Dorothy M. Grusky