Monday, July 14, 2008

just in case you were wonderin...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Where Heaven And Earth Were United

Gimmel Tammuz is a day that sends us all scrambling for words. Definitions, catch-phrases, expressions: What is a Rebbe? What was the Rebbe? What is the Rebbe? There was a time when words weren’t necessary; you don’t have to define something that you can see with your eyes. This important fact is especially helpful when you’re trying to define something that pretty darn hard to define. Defining what a Rebbe is just isn’t a happening situation. As many of us know from our studies, when you have something that is incomparable and yet you try to compare it nonetheless, you are automatically diminishing its true value.

Yet, we search for the words by which we would like to describe our beloved Rebbe. Why? because we have no other choice. Words are the only medium we still have by which we can attempt to convey to others the unexplainable feeling we had. But how can they relate to something of such nature? I haven’t the slightest clue, yet amazingly enough, it does happen; the hundreds of “Post Gimmel” Baaleu Tshuvos serve as proof. Still, I really struggle with this idea that a Rebbe- Chossid relationship of such nature could exist without the most powerful, if not vital aspect that being relating through sight. (I mean who can attest to having a real relationship without ever seeing the other person?!)

Recently I was reminded of what my grandfather used to say about the Rebbe. For me, it’s one of the strongest examples of what a Rabbe can do; what no one but a Rebbe can. He said: “Before I met the Rebbe, I was a believer and a poet. The Rebbe managed to do what no else could, that is to join those two.”

The more I read his poems, the more it seems evident from his works that he never accepted Hashem judgment and what had befallen his generation. This amazed me, being that countless pages of his work are dedicated to counting Hshems praises.

The Rebbe was able to show the place in our world, in our lives, where heaven and earth converge. He was the living proof that G-d was Nimna Hanimnaos; leaving no contradiction between G-dly life, and our own self interest.