Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mazal Tov Tiffy!!!

...He's big, he's round, he's bouncin' all 'round his name is Tiffy! He hade a baby! just kidding, he had a nephew MAZAL TOVS MAZAL TOVS soon by you af simchas!


Monday, November 28, 2005

CHANUKAH The Musical!

This world renowned performance directed by the multi-talented (and multi-pesonaltied) Benny Hershky has been seen around the globe from NY to Hong Kong. This year with its all new YAM cast, CHANUKAH The Musical will be hitting the south with more force then hurricane Vince.


Picture Of The Day

Itzik Eilinberg showing some secret talent we never knew about!

Have You Seen This Man?

The Ottawa Police department and le department du Police de Ottawa have offered $100,000 any information helping towards the arrest of this dangerous ex-con who escaped one week ago after being apprehended for trying to abduct an SUV from the Ford dealership on Carling Ave.
The suspect is wanted for numerous sever offences in several states. The Photo was provided by the Chicago P.D. which is participating in the manhunt.
When questioned, the suspect said he was taking the car in order to go to NY for "Zvi wedding". When asked who this "Zvi" he replied:" I 'dno. some dude getting married!"

Friday, November 25, 2005

So this how Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada!

Never mind white Xmas. We have white Thanksgiving!
Even though there is no such thing in Canada (it's just a heartless ungrateful country)

Ottawa Moments Intallment3

Shoch's Farbrengen (orwhateveryouwanacallit)
You've all herd about it. The memorable night when SB decided to take matters in to his own hands (or in to his own cup). The result was... Well Just have a look for yourself...

Oh Benny.. Please do not forsake thee
Is it just my imagination or did someone have a bit more then.. ah usual?
Hmmm... Maybe so..


Thursday, November 24, 2005


The Big Bang

Quote Of The Week

Who said it?

"I know it sounds funny Rabbi, but it's true."

Was it:
A) Meir Lieblach to Rabbi B after telling him that he missed the van because his tztzis were torn, again!

B) Benny Hershkovitz To Rabbi B upon notifying him that he's going in to NY tonight to see an eye docter about his knee.

C) Itzik Ailinberg to Rabbi S after answering him that he had to go and speak to PeeWee in middle of Shmone Esrei b/c he needed to give him a back massage.

D) Lorrena to Rabbi ahSmit describing her newest delicacy that was served for the main course last friday night: ultra baked chicken.

E) Mendy A-shmidt Explaining to Rabbi Heyes that he needs to raise $10,000 for the Chanuka musical. 'cause the DJ is asking for a higher pay.

F) Gersh to R B upon notifying him that he's getting engaged.


Monday, November 21, 2005

Did I mention that these guys are blown?

What in the world??!!!!!

Oh.. I see
Ok Vince. Joke's over. Now can I please have my arms back?

Ishkazal! Our very own Benchamin Franklin!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Friday Mivtzoim

Friday is Mivtzoim day. (we even have the van. didan notzach!) And so off we were headed to "Downtown" Ottawa to find the long buried and frozen over sparks. Aside for the people that where on the original route, we haven't found any "new" Jews yet. One guy that we found did say that they hadn't come for a while. He also asked why do we put on Tefilin. He said that at his Bar Mitzvah he was told that you do it because all of our ancestors did. So I explained to him as much as I could but he still refused to actually put them on.

I was also told to find a guy by the name of Herb Grey who worked in a certain office building. So I go over to the guy at the front desk and I ask him if he knows on which floor is there "a guy by the name of Herb Grey". The guy looks at me like I fell from the north pole and tells me "sure, 22nd floor". Anyway, we come to the office and we leave a lchaim 'cause he's not there. And we ask if he's ever in on Fridays, and the lady says it's hard to know 'cause he's always traveling to meetings. Then I ask If I could get his card so that I could call, and she says "well I'm not authorized to give his card, but I'll give you the card of his main assistant. And it's dawning upon me that this "guy called Herb Grey" is not just a guy called Herb Grey.

Sure enough by the Shabbos meal I ask Rabbi B and he tells me that this Chevreman was a big politician and he was once the vice PM of Canada!

He also said that his name is Gurari and that he's a vareme yid with a strong feeling for the Rebbe. I just hope that I'll get to see him.

So have you met Berel?

Looking good Levi.. Yo Vince! yo? Hey there...

"Bein Hashmoshes" with Benny

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Ottawa The Beautiful :-)

The famous Rideaux canal (what you haven't heard of it?) In the winter it becomes a six mile long skating rink. And the only free mass transit system in the world when Ottawanians use it to skate to work. Lucky them!

The parliament: Canada's Big Benny
We passed by on Friday on mivtzoim and we decided to check it out.. I mean I poshut didn't have a watch and we needed to know what time it was. *cough here*

Simcha at the gates

Gersh this one 4U

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Today In Our Apt.

View of the outside

View of the inside

Ottawa Moments intallment2

Y.A.M. On The Ice
The Beinunis practice Motzei Shabbos

Post Game: Sweaty socks and the Beinuni nigun

Coach Dovi avec Benoit
Nice smile from Laz. Just watch your back when it's gametime!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mazal Tovs

Happy Birthday Sholom Ber!

To our dear Shliach/Maggid Shiur/Smicha Program Director/Chaver Hanholoh/Rosh yeshiva (did I leave out anything?) HaRav HaTomim Sholom Ber "Shoch" Shochat on his 2__ (please fill in) birthday.

Enjoy NY and send our love to Gav!

To Simcha Bloom on his birthday tonight 15 Cheshvan may you go from strength to strength. And most importantly- don't forget- farbreng hard!

To Ari Pruss on the engagement of his sister. Come back soon! We miss you dude!

SNOW IN MID NOVEMBER: Welcome to Canada!

Good ol' pops winter (who according to many has his main headquaders based in Ottawa) aint wasting his time this year. It's not like I have something against snow, but I wouldn't mind waiting a bit either. especialy knowing what in store for us here in the second coldest capital in world (!)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ottawa Moments Installment1 Farbrengens!

far*bren*gen: (noun, Yiddish) gathering, assembly, assemblage, spending time
a gathering of chassidicly inclined people seeking spirituality or a bit of booze. almost definitely results in a great awakening from below and/or joy.

HaMashpia Rabeinu Shneuor. Inspiration on demand. (with a bit of help from that mysterious bottle perhaps?)

Mashpia Itzik on a roll! taking on two at once!!

Things getting lebedlike!

Can't get this in manalapan couldya?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Cheshvan or Aadar?!

No, we don't have our calendars mixed up. It's just Ottawa, thats all.

Last night was quite a night. we had dancing for kiddush levonoh, but first there was the grand presentation of Rabbi Smith's present. boy the boys must love him! just look at that smile! it seems as though R. Berger's pretty happy too. But when's his coming?