Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finding the positive

The video i posted is very obviously a scam. with absolutely no good intentions other then to make money. (and most definitely not the o-my-gosh-i-can-really-save-the-world message that it tries to portray)


It has a point. Regardless of it's commercial intention, it still somehow is able to relate a message. and that message, many of us happen to know, is true.

So why do i care? How do these ridiculously delusional scammers solidify what i was already taught? It doesn't. But it taught me something else.

This combination of power-seeking falsity with a lesser amount of truth and genuine care for another mixed in, is something we encounter all the time when we live with the people of the world. (Aside for certain times, when a tragedy of significant enough magnitude will bring out our better of natures.) Especially if you find yourself in a "Western" society. (-in the atlas of 2008- Everywhere) People will usually block out their caring-for-others conscious for the sake of pursuing their American dream without bother: Wealth, Power and status. If we choose to see everyone for their active priorities, then there is no reason why not be cynical. Of course the world is going to shat; why would anyone care enough for it not to?!
We can however see it how it is. (or how it was) before selfishness covered it, obscured it. If we work at it, we can appreciate it more.

Think about this if you're discouraged by the elections, by the situations of the Israeli government, or by your next door neighbor.

Also, look out for those moments, on the Subway,in the park, in 770... (ok, i won't push it..) Those moments when we get to witness great things. when you see the good shine through.


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