Wednesday, December 28, 2005

HOLD YOUR FIRE!! least until Sunday that is. Hope to seey'all at Gershon's wedding in Beis Rivka in CH. One thing I could say for sure, it'll be a wedding like you've never seen

Saturday, December 24, 2005

If its not an experience, then its not Hymans.
Thursday night's trip took a grand total of 12 (!) hours. We were sitting at the boarder for 3 (!) hours. This reminded me of something Shneur said on the Lech Lecha trip when they were stuck in a blizzard; "We are now one and a half hours out of Ottawa and it took us four. This is the meaning of being in zman and l'maalah min hazman at the same time." The only difference for me as that I wasn't totally plastered...
Anyhow it's good to be home. whatever that means...

Monday, December 19, 2005

Picture of the week

Mashpia Shneur impersonating Mattisyahu!

Snow in Ottawa. So What's New?

Thursday night we had our first "major" snow storm (in NY it would probably be called a blizzard). About 15 centimeters fell -ever since I got here I've been talking metrics like a Canadian. don't even ask me what the weather is I only know Celsius- The guys who went on the Lech Lecha trip got the worst of it though. It took them 20 hours to get to Baltimore. They went through some scary snow, ice, and rain storms.

Our trusty little heater Steve keeping us warm through the storm. (what's in between Steve and the window are in case of emergency)

One thing this City gets credit for is their snow removal operation. Because here the snow doesn't melt they collect and cart it off in dump trucks. In this picture there's a snow plow and a dump truck driving simultaneously. it was pretty cool actually.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Quote Of The Week

"For the work that we do here, people get paid $200 an hour. What this place needs is a professional shrink!

Ok this one's not to hard to guess who says it.
but if you want a hint his first name ends with "oit".


Atop Mt Saint something

My beard is one piece of ice. so are my pants (thats because I was on my pants most of the way down:)
Wednesday was the first part of the Lech-Lecha trip (thats the reward the Bochrim here get for acting Jewish for a month) And since Canada has already frozen over like a frozen-over something (man I'm tired), because as mentioned numerous times on Ottawa unplugged Canada is eagerly welcoming it's favorite season early -as we speak (or whatever we are doing now) according to it's -9 C and it feels like -18 C with "ice pellets" (I'll just say it's snowing)- So we decided to use it to our advantage and go sloping. (or skiing, depending on your expertise. I went sloping.)
So Rabbi Berger tells me that were going to a place about 15 minutes away. So I'm thinking in translation thats maybe half an hour. But then Shoch finds out that this place is closing at 4 and now its like 2 meaning by the time we get going we'd get there just in time to watch the ski lift come to a grinding halt. So instead we're going to a place 2 hours away. So in translation thats 2 and a half.. well I'm hoping.
So just three and a half hours -and thankfully no Shoch inspired 360s-later, we are at Mt Saint Francoire or something. And I'm trying on for the first time these things called snow boots. which are these things you wear that connect to the skis. They also happen to be of very hard substance so to prevent you legs from buckling under you. This results in sensation that you are walking in cement boots. (all this became very crucial later on)
So what does a first-time skier do? He heads for the bunny slopes. How to find the bunny slopes? simple just ask the most seasoned skier around, namely Ari Eagle. Mistake number one! Never ask a stoner for directions. So anyway Ari says "yeah, just take the ski lift and go to the slope on the left, it pretty easy". Like why would you go up a lift to get to a bunny slope? but what do I know?
Anyway to make the story a bit shorter I basically ended up learning the hard way. And after every tumble (there were many of them) a battle would ensue between me and Steve, my ski, who would absolutely refuse to reconnect with my cement-like boot. Especially when I'm standing on a slope and trying to hold myself from sloping further down this slope. sheesh! well in short (I mean really) I ended up braking my glasses on one of my dives (dives sounds more professional) and I had a total blast besides for all the times that I didnt. and I'm looking forward to the next time we go skiing. And I'll remember to bring along Stanley as well as Steve (JK its not that bad)

This post is dedicated to the one and only (because he is the only one who looks at this blog) Benny. (though that is kinda stupid to say cause if your the only one who sees this then who else?) He's going through a lot a stress trying to pull off this whole Florida thing, and I know you could enjoy this distrction. love ya Mitzvah Man!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Mazal Tovs

On behalf of the entire YAM we wish a hearty Mazal Tov to our dear Hudy Slater -on the engagement of his brother Dovi- and to dear Simcha (oh dear Simcha) Blum on the engagement of his sister Sara.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mazal Tov Zvi & Chayale!

The Chupa was not the anticipated Canadian flag. And the Chosson and Kallah wore the traditional garb not Benuni jerseys (at least not until later). None the less it was the wildest Chassuna Morristown ever saw. Wow what a statement! But seriously it was truly smashing (in more was then one ; )
And regarding the Chupa. Gersh did light a fire under it. he also stated that his Chupa will be on fire. And if you know Gersh he aint joking. 770 beware! you aint seen notin' yet!
Speaking of Gersh, his Kallah shows up at the wedding with a massive bag of.. nutty chews!!! Someone tell me this isn't a match made in heaven! Anyhow we put the candy to good use pelting Zvi and Benny as they tried to sing their duet.
(Benny was too far gone to sing it anyway...)

May you merit to have much joy (of the inner and of the outer) and nachas and to find only blessings in the good and revealed way.