Wednesday, March 26, 2008

אין מילים

It's amazing the talent Hashem gives people

gut in himmel! How in the world does he do it?! I mean to just take an idea and make it in to a song... not just put it into words and put those words to a tune, no, he makes a whole freekin song that expresses the idea entirely! in every note of the song
אין עליך דני

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I officially confess - I'm in love with this guy!

I've been listening to Daniel Zamir for a year now. Just today i decided to youtube him, (It's amazing how one could spend eons on youtube watching nothing, all the while there's so much there that you'd REALLY like to see but you just don't think of it! Anyway..) i find this song i had no idea existed. i'm so grateful i found it, there's no way to describe it. i won't even try to explain, there are no words.

It's a long story... 'bout as long as the story of my life

Here he is playing it on TV. This video explains a bit more of what i was talking about.

another thing i love about this video is the part where the interviewers are talking/joking about "Hitchabrut" (Bringing the nation together) which is the theme and goal of the song, and the guy (interviewer) says "When you talk about Jews being able to come together, you're talking about (only) the Rebbe here!"

Goodness Love

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Metropolitan Diary (i.e. Why I Love NY) part 2

Dear Diary

My husband is a more aggressive driver than I, so I often cringe at the thought of traveling into the city with him from Connecticut. And this occasion was no exception.

We had just returned our daughter to her N.Y.U. dorm after a long holiday weekend. After saying our goodbyes, we hopped into the car and my husband quickly pulled out into traffic.

“Oh my,” I said to him, “I believe we just cut someone off!” Ignoring my back-seat-driver comment, my husband proceeded to the end of the block, where we stopped at a traffic light.

The man we had cut off was signaling to my husband to roll his window down. I pleaded with my husband to not create an altercation, as my anxiety level was rising.

The man rolled down his passenger-side window, and my husband rolled down his driver-side window.

“Dude, you’d get a lot more love if you would just put on your blinker,” he called out from inside his car.

My husband was speechless.

I smiled all the way home.

-Keli Solomon


Dear Diary:

Fifty years ago, I was a buyer at Abraham & Straus (sadly, it closed years ago) in Brooklyn.

One day, I got on an elevator where a small boy, about 3 years old, and his mother were looking down at his new sneakers. The mother asked if he was happy.

The 3-year-old replied, “All my life I wanted a pair.”

-Miriam Landsman


Dear Diary:

I was taking the No. 2 train uptown from 42nd Street on a recent afternoon, and a man in a wheelchair boarded with a guide dog. As the train started to move, the man stood up from the wheelchair, removed his coat, lay down on the subway car floor and began doing push-ups. On the other side of the car, a man announced that it was “gospel time” and started singing.

As the train pulled into 72nd Street, the gospel singer walked through the car asking for tips, and the man doing push-ups stood up and handed him a dollar. He then picked up his dog, put him in the wheelchair, lay back on the floor and proceeded with sit-ups until 96th Street.

-Rebecca Weinstock


Dear Diary:

Scene: A jewelry store in Brooklyn with loud rap music blasting out of three speakers.

Dramatis personae: Teenage salesgirl and me, a senior citizen.

Me: “How much is this necklace?”

Salesgirl: “Thirty-five dollars.”

Me: “Do you really like that music?”

Salesgirl: “Yes.”

Me: “Could you make it a little lower?”

Salesgirl: “O.K. Thirty dollars.”

Me: “I’ll take it.”

-Jane Feder

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