Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just some randomness at 5 in the morn

A fast day tends to throw my sleeping pattern way outa wack. You are now viewing the results.
Fortunately the Shliach here is not depending on me to get up in the morning for his minyen. That is simply because in order for that to happen that would involve finding another 8 Jewish males mandatory according to Jewish law. Well that isn't really going to happen around here (barring a few quick conversions perhaps).
For some wierd reason this is giving me an exremely lucky feeling. alot luckier then all you bochrims out there in Shlichusland who are going to be dragged out of bed at the crack of dawn b/c your Shliach needs to get his "money's worth"! (don't you love that term?)
Oh by the way I just wanted to mention that "my" Shliach just totally rocks le freekin house!
See y;all tomorrow
same time same place :)

Benji "The Man" Kaminsky in a rare moment

If you wanna know who this kid is, just think teddy bear. Actually a teddy bear with a crazy sense of humor! I miss this dude like crazy!

No I did not take this picture! The yold took it of himself! (that's Vlad by the way)

Monday, September 25, 2006

So what if the war ended 150(!) years ago?!

Less then a half hour drive from where I am typing this post you can still see the Confederate flag! I ain't kidding I saw it myself! And if you think that's bad, the picture I posted is of the STATE CAPITAL!!! where the flag was only taken down about eight years ago!! So if anyone ever said that South Carolina was backward, then they were right!
Wi-el, I gi-ess people here have alot of respect for their grandparents. cause if your about 90 today then perhaps your' grandparents where alive during the civil war! (sorry, I mi-ent to say the "Noh-then wawer of agriye-shon!")

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Talk about wierd headlines


Sunday, September 10, 2006

more yeka

These awesome pics really speak for themselves... Enjoy!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yeka Moments

Friday, September 01, 2006

Bloggers be warned!

Attention dear bloggers! next time you're about to pour out your emotions onto your blog (something we stupid people tend to do for some reason) know that everything you post is subject to be copy and pasted onto yamlive without any previous notice.

Now why does this remind me of a previous YAM blog........................................ ?!?!

Yeka it was

Many self proclaimed experts on yekalore will compare and compare and compare until they find something better to do with their lives... so while they're busy with that - I would like to suggest that if you were in yeka some other year and it was "better" then this year, then it wasn't because of you. it was only because most of the staff that were with you that year didn't believe in comparing because comparing years is the most stupid braindeaded time wasting thing to do when you want to have a successful and fun summer!!!
There are a number of reasons why this yeka session was unforgettable. But if you think otherwise you are also right. it's just that there's only one person to blame for that. Think of the counselors that were attached to their bunk 24/7, do you think they'll be forgetting this summer so fast?

The picture above is one of the amazing successes of this summer. If were just for that, it was worth it. As one friend put it rather extremely, "for them to see yiddishkeit for the first time". I don't know if I'll go as far as saying that, but in a way it's very true. Because actually for all the staff witnessing the mesiras nefesh of these kids is seeing yiddishkeit on a whole different level.


I've got tons of pictures to post but my hard-drive had a crash landing in yeka and it ain't feeling too good. If anyone knos of a good computer docter in C.H. pliz leta-meeno