Thursday, November 26, 2009

All you have to know to survive college

The secret to writing essays lies within the segues. A line that properly connects two paragraphs, ideas, or bubbeh mysses (mostly the latter for me) is the difference between a 5 page essay that reads as a 2 paged one (i.e. an A) and a 2 paged one that reads as a 10 pager (i.e. an F)!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Silent Night

He stood at the podium
his faced full of blood
from the heat of the body-filled room
and the pressure of the eyes all turned to him

The heavy room was silent
a pin dropped would be heard
Except for by him
for he heard nothing

At last he spoke
from a determination he did not know he possessed
Words, nervously chasing each other
A landslide of emotion
a toppling verbal fort
gaining momentum
as did his courage

He spoke of beauty,
isolation, peace, sadness and strength
He spoke of the sounds of things
the language of the cosmos, our thoughts turned action
Turned speech

The sounds of life
sweet and sour
Comforting as waves breaking
As simple as a single bird chirping
The sounds we often take for granted
until we hear it no more

Nostalgic and regretful
he pined for the life that was
When the world was full of sound,
resonated with life
He yearned for a simple tune
Oh just to hear a baby laugh
one more time!

He concludes
his soul bare
his breath spent
The audience erupts
He can feel the room vibrating with applause
and the light in their ecstatic faces
He is glad, relieved
As he returns to his seat
a stranger claps him on the back and whispers something
A word of encouragement
But he will never know
for he is deaf

Just another poet
alone in his words
Alone in our world

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

mi héroe Super Jew Moshe