Monday, October 29, 2007

notin' comes close to non-fiction. you just can't make this stuff up!


As I was riding the Q recently to meet a friend, I idly pulled my ponytail out and ran my fingers through my hair.

A man behind me leaned around and said, “Your hair looks just fine. It looks good.”

I laughed and said, “Thank you; your hair looks good, too.”

We chatted a bit and he eventually asked me very politely, “Are you married?” I said no.

“How is that? A fine lady like you?”

“It just happens that way sometimes.”

“No man got lucky enough, huh?” I laughed again.

“So would I be able to get hold of you?” He had been polite, so I politely answered, “I’m not interested in being gotten hold of just now.”

“You’re not interested in a relationship at this point in your life?”


He seemed to understand and turned back around.

After a minute he turned to me again: “Well, can I have a dollar?”
-Kim Hewitt


This Daylight Saving

This hour gained, but empty, hushed

No one told the birds

-L. Fred Ayvazian

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

love it

Groyse Metsie Video Clip - "You Set My Soul Free - Ki Hilazta"

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love the way they manage to get a niggun in there every time!

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I think I should go to jail

(Quick note: After the Columbine High shooting, we sadly learnt that the tragedy “Could have been prevented” if only the boys’ diaries and essays would have been taken more seriously. So I just hope that writing this doesn’t make me a suspect. :)
So why would I want to go to jail?
Well it all started about a year ago. I was in South Carolina and I went to jail. Well not literally, I was visiting Jewish inmates for the High Holidays. Being inside of a jail for the first time was quite a jarring experience. You walk the halls and think “look at these people, for years this is all they’ll ever see.” Just these walls… and for part of the day when they’re lucky enough, they can go outside and see a few more walls. You leave the building and suddenly its literally a whole new world out there. Suddenly you’re seeing everything you take for granted through the eyes of the inmate. Things along the road that you’d never give a thought when you were driving by on the way there. Just a gas station, just a store where you can buy ANYTHING you need, a beautiful bird flying overhead, a peaceful shady park with a beautiful arrangement of flowers growing. And you can’t help but think “and those guys won’t be able to see this for another ten, twenty YEARS!”.
Do we realize how many things we take for granted every day? What would that inmate give to be able to watch the sun set into a million reflections on the water, to hear the sound of the waves, to see a child smile….. And we are lucky enough to witness these blessings every day.
So what can I do? What is the secret to appreciating what you DO have when you HAVE it? Any suggestions anyone?
Should I go to jail? Probably not a very good idea, I hear the food’s not too good there… What about Amish town?

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The scary thing is... people actually still look at this blog!
You shoulda warned me:*)

Poem Inspierd by photo #613

Post to follow (" 'Neider" obviously)

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o how i love this time of year=-)

Shirts tucked in, white, still fresh smelling of their mama’s fabric softener. Clean black pants, as crisp as the new autumn wind over white white socks poking out from snappy real sandals. Their hair and face are so uncharacteristically clean and neat and perfumed with the newfound delights of Americana (What they have Headenshoulders here?!) Their bright faces reflect their idealistic spirit. Fresh, strong and unbreakable by the uncertainty of what lies ahead. Optimism, a new challenge, It’s always such a welcoming sight. I just love this time of year. Actually, they’re so ambitious, they might even shock you with an occasional “Slicha” when they kick over your coffee splat onto your new pants…

The new K’vutzeh is definitely in session:-)